What to expect from our GF Skin Series

I have had numerous questions this week about our GF1 and GF2 products since their launch. Many people have asked if the products will work for their specific skin concerns. Others would like to know more about the products in general and then of course how to use them.

As you will see on our website we currently offer two products in our skincare range, namely GF1 and GF2. Both are designed to complement your existing skincare regime. Both contain our proprietary hypochlorous solution (HOCl) – essentially your body’s own immune molecule in a pure and stable form.

What are the main effects of HOCl’s on the human body and skin?

HOCl is a highly specialised molecule that is, under normal conditions, manufactured by the white blood cells in the human body, and which is responsible for our immunity. It is also very important in regulating the body’s inflammation process and plays a central role in wound healing.
So when applied topically to your skin it:

  1. is the most powerful disinfectant against disease-forming microorganisms.
  2. has a highly effective anti-inflammatory effect. Whenever it is applied to a wound, it reduces not only pain but also redness associated with inflammation and swelling.
  3. is a potent wound healing agent - wounds heal in a fraction of the time.
  4. destroys biofilm, and quickly kills the pathogens that might be protected by that biofilm.
  5. stops bleeding in an acute wound.
  6. has powerful skin rejuvenation effects.

More detailed info can also be found in our FAQs but for now let’s talk about our products, when to use them and what to expect.

GF1 Aftercare

GF1 is aimed at those of you doing manipulations to your skin. What do we mean by manipulations? Well anything from waxing to laser treatments, peels to needling and dermabrasion. GF1 acts as a pre-treatment disinfectant for your skin. After your treatment, the regular application of GF1 will reduce pain and inflammation whilst aiding healing. It also ensures a much lower risk of post inflammation hyper-pigmentation (important especially on darker toned skins) with reduced infection, scarring, dermatitis as well as combating prolonged redness.

GF2 Skin Rejuvenation

GF2 is intended to be used every day and is designed to complement your existing skincare routine. We all know that the intrinsic ageing of our skins is unavoidable. However, there is something that ages us a lot faster than mere time, and that is the sun and the environment. These environmental factors will make your skin, and by association you, look older than your years.

Environmental damage to the skin causes the epidermis to become thinner meaning it is more easily damaged. The epidermis also becomes rougher, drier and starts to get patchy due to sun damage. At the same time the dermis becomes thinner and less elastic, which leaves you with wrinkles. The thinning dermis combined with long-standing inflammation in the skin causes small blood vessels to become more visible, so you tend to look more flushed and red. A loss of water in the dermis leads to dryness, pigmentation becomes more of a problem as well and ultimately skin cancers can start to form.

A study in Stanford, USA, has shown that HOCl (as found in GF2) has the following skin rejuvenation effects:

  1. Reduces epidermal thinning
  2. Slows the epidermal cell turnover rate
  3. Reduces the DNA-repair protein (which increases with age)
  4. Reduces inflammation in the skin
  5. Reverses environmental damage in the skin with regular use
  6. Improves atopic dermatitis (eczema)

Because HOCl has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect it is also beneficial in the treatment of acne and rosacea.

So, what can you expect when you start using the products?

The effects of GF1

  • The skin will feel refreshed as the spray helps cool and hydrate the skin whilst improving pain and reducing any inflammation.  As the GF1 dries the skin will feel smooth.
  • Redness, pain and swelling in the skin improve very quickly (we recommend applying GF1 once an hour for the first day, then 3 or so times a day after that until your skin fully healed). We also suggest not using any other cosmetic products, foundations etc whilst the skin is healing for the first few days.
  • GF2 should not be used whilst you are using GF1. Once your skin is healed or the bottle is finished you can then resume your regular use of GF2 morning and evening.

The short-term effects of GF2

  • On application the skin feels quite refreshed. As it dries the skin will feel smooth and a little tighter.
  • The tightness in the skin might last from a few minutes to hours. However, your skin will feel smooth.
  • In as little as a day skin spots and discolouration in the skin start to look lighter. This general improvement immediately helps the skin to appear younger. The lightening in tone of the skin continues during the first few days of use.
  • Conditions like superficial acne and rosacea might start to show improvement after approximately one week of use.

The longer-term effects of GF2

  • Skin rejuvenation effects will take considerably longer to appear in the skin. The skin becomes physically younger only when the HOCl immune molecule is regularly applied over an extended period. This gives you rejuvenation of the skin in the truest meaning of the word.
  • A younger skin has certain objective and subjective characteristics. Other people will start to notice that you have a healthier complexion with fewer wrinkles and fine lines, and that the tone of your skin appears more even. A general lightening in the skin might be noticed. Because we look at our own faces every day we don’t necessarily notice the changes as they happen, they may be too gradual for you to observe but other people will start to comment.
  • There might be a transient period after a few weeks where you find you suffer with breakouts. Why is this? With ageing, the dead cell layer on top of your skin thickens over time, blocking oil glands. As these become blocked an accumulation of oil forms inside these glands. Once you start using the HOCl immune molecule this dead cell layer thins to a normal thickness, giving bacteria an opportunity to enter these oil glands where they start multiplying. However, as you continue to use the HOCl immune molecule, the breakouts will gradually disappear as the anti-bacterial properties of the GF Skin Series eradicate the bacteria. Over time the living outer skin layers also thicken giving you an improved appearance.
  • Rosacea will also become less pronounced and eventually disappear. The anti-bacterial effect of the immune molecule combined with its anti-inflammatory effect will not only reduce the infection but reduce the redness as well. Remember that if you have been suffering from rosacea for a long time it will have caused visible blood vessels in your skin and these small veins will not disappear from the use of HOCl. We recommend laser treatment for these (IPL or Argon laser). Please consult with a specialist to confirm as each case is different.
  • DNA repair protein disappears and hydration recovers.

Depending on your skin’s condition when you started GF2 you should have a visible improvement in your wrinkles and lines after a few months of use (it could also only take a few weeks!). Of course the time taken to see these changes differs from person to person as the amount of environmental damage is different in every case.

The rate at which you will see improvement depends on 3 factors:

  • How healthy your skin was to begin with;
  • Your genetic makeup;
  • How long you have had the damage and how deep it goes.

You might notice when starting with GF2 that your skin is drier and flaky, is more sensitive with the odd break-out as mentioned above, or that you get a rash. These temporary side effects only last a short while as the skin balances itself. A rash can be a symptom of using too many products on your skin or products containing ingredients that interact with the HOCl molecule causing a reaction. You cannot be allergic to HOCl but the reaction between HOCl and one of the ingredients used in the formulation of cosmetics (especially fragrances, petroleum derivatives, preservatives and other dangerous ingredients), could change this delicate molecule and this may cause a temporary irritation of the skin. As a general principle, we recommend the use of natural products (like HOCl) with no preservatives or fragrances and as few ingredients as possible. Please read our next post which details what to avoid in your beauty products and why. Eradicating these ingredients will minimise the likelihood of any temporary reactions.

What we do know for certain is that you will see improvement with regular, continuous use of GF2.

Please note: GF2 will not improve genetic marks like birthmarks. It will also not improve the look of established scars. For older scarring some form of mechanical intervention (like needling) would need to be done. This should be combined with GF1 (before and after treatment). We suggest an initial consultation with a trained therapist or aesthetic doctor before deciding on a course of action. Please contact us should you need further recommendations.


A Stanford University study examined the effect of HOCl on skin and found that the skin could quickly be rejuvenated to resemble that of a new-born. This has never been found with any other cosmetic ingredient, ever! Its really an exciting time for your skin!

There are many peer-reviewed articles published in multiple medical journals on the positive effects of using the HOCl immune molecule. The medical world is united in their support of using the molecule for different conditions - anything from the treatment of burns and the prevention of plaque in dental healthcare to the control of multiple and often untreatable infections plus the reduction in pain and inflammation.

The safety profile of HOCl is so good (it carries the top safety classification from the American FDA) that application on human skin is without any side effects. The purity of our molecule is also beyond reproach, making the long-term use of our GF Skin Series completely safe. In fact, we propose that our GF2 Skin Rejuvenation product is used long term so that the maximum effect can be obtained.

What have you noticed in your own skin when using our products? We would love to hear from you on email or social media.

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