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The Science

We all know about popular active skincare ingredients which, when we first heard about them, felt like strange-sounding names. Think back, for example, to when you first heard about hyaluronic acid (HA), alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), retinol (a Vitamin A derivative), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), or even niacinamide (C6H6N2). They've become such commonplace references in skincare, you probably don't bat an eyelid when you hear about them today.

Yet, hypochlorous acid - or HOCl, when referring to its molecular formula - is still relatively unknown. At Thoclor Labs, we prefer referring to it as 'The Miracle Molecule'. Not only because of its almost miraculous-like benefits for all skin types and an array of skin issues. But also because it is the human body's own immune molecule.

Formed by our white blood cells, hypochlorous acid is used by the body to fight inflammation, infection and disease. It is regarded as the most important building block upon which our body's overall immunity and health is built.

One of HOCl's functions includes maintaining skin health, but it also plays a role in slowing the ageing process of the skin. By harnessing the body's own wisdom and science, it mimics the essence of human healing by supporting the skin's own defence system and its natural renewal process.

Thoclor Labs is a biotechnology company committed to blending the power of science with the miracle of nature to bring you our GF Skin Series. And the solution we have developed to carry the HOCl molecule to the skin is, as far as we are aware, completely unique in the world.

We use a proprietary method of manufacturing that we developed and fine-tuned over more than a decade. The result is an absolutely pure solution formulated to contain only medical-grade water and the hypochlorous acid molecule. Absolutely zero additives, chemicals or trace elements will be found in any of our GF Skin Series formulations, with a guarantee that the HOCl molecule contained in our solutions will remain stable for up to two years. In this way, your skin receives all the intended benefits of our Miracle Molecule, and the products can safely be used anywhere on the body by anyone of any age.

We regard ourselves as 'The Home of the Miracle Molecule', and we are passionate about introducing more and more people globally to the highest quality and purest form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) formulations.

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