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The Johannesburg launch of Thoclor Labs

20 June 2018 - the official launch of our 3rd Generation HOCl Immune Solution in Johannesburg.

The day included a medical overview of our Hypoclorous Solution followed by a therapist's review of cases by Leverne King, who has been using our products in her treatments. Derek gave a short overview of our activity in the United States and Stuart, one of our co-founders, wrapped up with an overview of our partner and affiliate programs, both available on request via this website.

The launch introduced our products which use pure HOCl (the body’s own immune molecule) and are a world's first for the beauty and cosmetic industry. The initial range includes two formulations, the first a post-manipulation aftercare treatment for the skin, and the second a solution that eradicates the signs of ageing and environmental damage.

HOCl is the formula of the human body’s immune molecule. Normally made inside the white blood cells and used by the body to fight infection, heal wounds and regulate inflammation. The ability to get hold of HOCl outside the human body has been regarded as the Holy Grail of medicine. It offers massive potential for the treatment of burns and chronic wounds, eye and other infections and as a possible treatment for Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s and IBS amongst others.

HOCl also offers unsurpassed killing power as a disinfectant, destroying disease-forming bacteria, viruses and fungi within fractions of a second. It does so in a way that germs are unable to build up resistance against it. This powerful effect on drug-resistant germs is a game changer, healing wounds in a fraction of the time as well as reducing the associated pain and inflammation. This makes it an exciting and ideal addition to the beauty and cosmetic industry.

About Thoclor Labs
We are a Biotechnology Company dedicated to blending the powers of medical science with the miracles of nature. We develop and produce the worlds most advanced skin aftercare treatments and skin rejuvenation products using 3rd generation HOCl.

About the GF Skin Series products
The range is backed by extensive research.

GF1 Aftercare (50ml) is formulated for use on the skin and nails post manipulation treatment (i.e. laser, dermaplaning, needling, peels, waxing etc). Also assists in the relief of sunburn and radiation burns from cancer treatment. Through its published ability to heal wounds faster and reduce inflammation, clients and patients can return to work in the quickest possible time, with a reduced risk of uneven pigmentation that might develop post-treatment.

GF2 Skin Rejuvenation (100ml) reverses the signs of ageing in the skin. In a recent study done by the University of Stanford in the USA it was found that surface application of an HOCl Solution significantly reversed the signs of ageing in the skin and even led to the disappearance of DNA-repair protein in the skin. When these proteins no longer occur in the skin, it is a sign that there is no more DNA damage present, which can only be attributable to the application of HOCl. Thoclor’s GF2 will also benefit those suffering with rosacea, acne and superficial skin infections.

The study at Stanford is the first study in the world that shows that reversal of all the signs of ageing in the skin is possible. Thoclor’s GF2 brings this new generation of skincare to the world.

These initial two products make youthful healthy skin a reality. Completely non-toxic the formulations can be used by pregnant and lactating women and babies, without any side effects whatsoever. HOCl is so safe that it carries the highest FDA Certification for Safety (GRAS). It can even be sprayed directly into the eyes and will not irritate or burn them.

We have combined rejuvenation with healing, giving you the best skin possible.

And now for some photos from the launch - if you attended and would like any copies please let us know!

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