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The alchemy of Thoclor Labs’ hypochlorous acid

Everything you need to know about this game-changing ingredient that needs to be added to your skincare routine. IMMEDIATELY.

Hypochlorous acid (a.k.a HOCl) is the naturally occurring, immune substance produced by white blood cells (our immune cells) in the body. It’s regarded as the first line of defence to destroy germs, heal wounds, fix genetic defects and in general, it corrects what 'goes wrong' in the body.

Although being known as a potent germ-killer, it’s so gentle that it doesn't harm your eyes or even irritate a baby’s delicate skin. It’s safe to use during pregnancy and is harmless to animals and the environment. No wonder we call it the 'miracle molecule'.

Since Thoclor Labs became the first company to apply the science of HOCl in skincare in 2018, many other products that claim to be similar have also become available. However, a university study in 2018 showed that Thoclor Labs’ HOCl was superior to five other HOCl products tested and that there are significant differences between the HOCl solutions.

All hypochlorous acid solutions are not created equal. Here’s why...

The word 'alchemy' refers to a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. What makes the Thoclor Labs’ manufacturing process of hypochlorous acid so unique is that it consistently achieves close-to miraculous results in treating aged or ageing skin (or damaged and problem skin in general). Thoclor Labs’ phenomenal growth over the past few years is a testament to the true alchemy of the GF1 and GF2 range of products.

The history of HOCl manufacture

Doctors and pharmacists have been trying for more than 125 years to make hypochlorous acid (or to copy the contents of our white blood cells) because of its potential as a groundbreaking medical treatment. When it is made by white blood cells, HOCl appears as gas that is trapped inside the cells as a small bubble, which makes it exceedingly difficult to reproduce.

Watch this informative video of how white blood cells hunt down and kill germs.

A weak but impure solution of HOCl became available in the late 19th century. It was called Dakin’s Solution (named after the British chemist that discovered it) and was used to treat infected wounds. It helped to save the lives of thousands of wounded soldiers during both world wars. Today it is only used to disinfect the walls and floors of hospitals. In the 1980s, the method of making HOCl improved somewhat and consisted of subjecting a table-salt water solution to an electric current.

The result of this method is that a higher concentration of HOCl is formed when compared to Dakin’s Solution. However, the salt-derived solution (called anolyte) still contains significant amounts of impurities, some of which are toxic to humans.

Now, this is where our HOCl solution becomes very important.

The reason why Thoclor’s hypochlorous acid performed so much better than the other HOCl products in the university study, lies in the alchemy of the Thoclor Labs’ method of manufacturing HOCl.

The scientific research team at Thoclor Labs realised many years ago that the common methods of making hypochlorous acid were never going to produce a pure, clean solution, that will be suitable for use as a medicine and not only for use on intact skin (we refer to this as a pharmaceutical-grade of HOCl solution, by the way).

A completely new method had to be developed that did not resemble any of the old ways, as these result in different toxic components being present with the HOCl.

We can’t of course give away the secrets of our method. However, you’ll be blown away at the incredible results after using our 'miracle molecule' on your skin. It’s incomparable to any other product containing HOCl on the market.

It truly is the alchemy of pharmaceutical purity.