BUY TO GIVE BACK! A portion of your purchase goes towards supporting SUBZ Pads. Underprivileged school girls receive reusable sanitary wear so they don’t have to give up their right to education.

Our Values

Respecting the Planet & Respecting your Skin

As a proudly South African biotechnology firm, Thoclor Labs' GF Skin Series comes with a promise that all our products are completely natural, organic, vegan, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, preservative free, and always cruelty-free. There are zero nasties in our medical-grade formulations.

Our Purity Promise

Respecting and Restoring Dignity

At Thoclor Labs, we are driven by an underlying ethos of being committed to respecting and restoring dignity at every level.

Anyone who has ever suffered from a skin disease, severe skin concern or persistent chronic skin condition knows what a struggle it can be to maintain optimum mental well-being when you perceive that the condition of your skin is how the external world sees or judges you. We believe in embracing skin positivity, but we also believe that where you can alleviate discomfort or suffering due to a skin condition, you should absolutely be able to do so!

By developing a skincare series that can have a positive impact and soothing effect - or even a reversal effect in many cases - it is our hope that we can play a role in restoring dignity for those individuals whose self-confidence, self-worth or mental health has been adversely affected by their skin condition.

Supporting Dignity Restoration Projects

We also support the SUBZ Pads 'Restoring Dignity Project' which supplies washable and re-usable sanitary pads to girls in underprivileged communities. What many people don't know is that millions of school girls in South Africa miss up to three months of school every year - and in some instances even drop out - because they cannot afford sanitary pads during their cycles.

The purpose of the project is to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates, while increasing opportunities for girls to complete their education with dignity.

When you buy any of our GF Skin Series products a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting this powerful initiative.

You can be confident knowing that your purchase also makes a valuable contribution in supporting underprivileged girls, so they in turn don't have to give up their right to education.

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