Storage & Handling

Storage and Handling of Thoclor HOCl Formulations

These instructions should be followed to ensure our product remains stable in the long-term and to guard against any change in the concentration (ppm), efficacy and purity of the Hypochlorous acid contents.

  1. The product must not be exposed to sunlight or UV. Protect the Thoclor Labs HOCl from light exposure at all times, as follows:
    • Use opaque containers that do not let in any UV.
    • Do not transport the product in direct sunlight.
    • The product must NOT be packaged in a transparent container.
    • During production and packaging keep the HOCl in an environmentally controlled area where there is no chance of exposure to UV or direct sunlight.
  2. Non-transparent packaging material is indicated to protect the stability of the contained HOCl. The best type of packaging material is dark glass as it has a high-density and is also inert (does not react with the contents). If a plastic container has to be used in a pinch then a hard plastic is preferable to a soft plastic.
  3. Do not use any container that has a coating inside. Any reaction of the Hypochlorous acid with the lining material can lead to a degradation of the product due to a chemical reaction. This is undesirable.
  4. Never add anything to the product or mix it with or into anything else. The HOCl molecule is extremely fragile. This includes, but is not limited to, substances like fragrance, other disinfectants, surfactants, acids or bases, solvents, colourants, nutrients, plant material, metal, oil, minerals or any pesticide. If an ingredient or additive is to be added to the product this MUST first be verified and tested in our laboratory to verify that there is no impact to the stability of the HOCl in both the short and long term. Various tests may be required.
  5. Our products are made for specific applications in specific concentrations. Do not use a product designed for a specific use for another use, i.e. do not use our nasal care product in the eye or vice versa.
  6. The product must always go into a clean container. If the container has been used before it must be thoroughly cleaned to make sure that no trace of any other product remains. Bulk supply tanks and re-fillable containers used for transporting the finished product should only be re-used for HOCl made by Thoclor Labs.
  7. Containers that are not tamper-proof must not be left unsecured. Re-fillable containers must not be left open after use. Eye care packaging must be discarded within 1 month of opening. Other packaging and containers should be recycled within 3 months of opening.
  8. Discard any unused product 3 months after opening the container or using the atomiser bottle.
  9. The product must be stored at temperatures between 4 and 25°C. Short periods (a few hours to a few days) of elevated temperatures (between 25 and 40°C) will not harm the product.
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