BUY TO GIVE BACK! A portion of your purchase goes towards supporting SUBZ Pads. Underprivileged school girls receive reusable sanitary wear so they don’t have to give up their right to education.

When you subscribe to the GF2 Replenishment Plan, your 6th bottle is free!

If you’ve become hooked on the amazing results of GF2 or want to trial it long term, our subscription package is for you! Our GF2 formulations work to reverse environmental damage on your skin, normalising skin-cell function and offering you natural skin rejuvenation with continuous use.

How it works

Sign up for 6 bottles of GF2 and pay for only 5. Your 6th bottle will be delivered for no charge at the end of your subscription. Free courier delivery included for every bottle.

Choose from one of three subscription options:

  • Pay every 4 weeks for 20 weeks / once a month for 5 months (enough product for 6 months)
  • Pay every 6 weeks for 30 weeks (enough product for 9 months)
  • Pay every 8 weeks for 40 weeks / once every 2nd month for 10 months (enough product for 12 months)

GF2 subscriptions for him and her

Payments & Delivery

Payment And Delivery GF2 Subscription

Please note that we have moved our ecommerce site to new technology. Existing subscriptions will continue to run as they did until they are complete, but new subscription orders will be placed on the new platform - these will process as follows:

  • A new order will be generated by the system 2 days before the renewal date, and sent to you by the website - the renewals will happen on the schedule you chose on your parent order.
  • Subscriptions using Payfast will renew automatically. For the others you will need to make a manual payment when you receive the renewal order by using any of the payment gateways available on the store - you may need to log in to your account to complete your order**.
  • Your product will be shipped the day after your payment has been received.
  • The 6th bottle will be included free of charge with your 5th and final shipment.

* please note that products & subscriptions can only be processed on this website for customers within South Africa. 
** please contact us on if you have any questions or trouble.

Renewal of your Subscription

Once we have sent your 6th bottle your subscription will end.  You will receive a note with your free bottle reminding you that you need to create a new subscription order to keep receiving your GF2. You will then have a choice of subscription plans with the new order.