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10 Ingredients we think you should avoid in your skincare products - Thoclor Labs blog

10 Ingredients in Skincare Products You Might Want to Avoid

We are careful about checking ingredients in the food we eat but what about those in our skincare and beauty products. Today we list 10 that we really think you should avoid, and the reasons we think so.
How Does our Hypochlorous solution HOCl work on your skin - Thoclor Labs blog

What to expect from our GF Skin Series

We answer your questions today about how HOCl works and what you can expect to see on your skin after using our GF Skin Series products in the short and long term.
Thoclor Labs will be at the Absolute Beauty Congress 2018 in Cape Town

Join us at the Absolute Beauty Congress 2018 in Cape Town

Join Thoclor Labs at the Absolute Beauty Congress in Cape Town on the 4th & 5th August 2018. Take the opportunity to meet some of the team and learn more about our exciting GF Skin Series range. Book your ticket via Quicket today.
Thoclor Labs launches in Johannesburg

The Johannesburg Launch of Thoclor Labs

Thoclor Labs launched their 2 new hypochlorous based skincare products this week in Johannesburg. Have a peek at the pics here.
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