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Protect your Skins Microbiome - Thoclor Labs blog

Jan 30 2019

Looking after your skin’s microbiome

The microbial balance on your skin has a key effect in anti-ageing & skin health, slowing down the ageing process whilst balancing & protecting your skin’s functions. We explore ways to support this process to achieve good skin health overall.
How to Improve Environmentally Damaged and Ageing Skin - Thoclor Labs blog

Dec 4 2018

How to improve environmentally damaged and ageing skin

80% of the ageing you see on your skin is due to environmental damage. We look at why this happens and what steps you can take to improve your skin's appearance.
How HOCl can support the skin after Vampire or PRP facials - Thoclor Labs blog

Oct 20 2018

The platelet-rich plasma vampire facial: an academic perspective

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), when used in a facial, is a great way to increase skin volume, aid skin rejuvenation & regeneration and improve wrinkling.⁣ Using your own blood, this is an effective natural alternative to fillers with longer-lasting results.
Use GF1 Aftercare when having laser skin resurfacing - Thoclor Labs blog

Oct 4 2018

Lasabrasion: what to expect from laser skin resurfacing

With advancements in technology laser skin resurfacing is a great way to even out skin tone, smooth wrinkles, treat acne scars or tackle sun damage. Learn more about what to expect with this treatment.
Cleansers and their role in skin disorders - Thoclor Labs blog

Oct 1 2018

The role of cleansers in skin disorders

Cleansers have evolved a great deal since the days of purely soap and water. When cleaning your face a fine balance needs to be maintained between skin cleansing and the preservation of the skin's function.
Post Chemical Peel aftercare with our GF1 - Thoclor Labs

Sep 21 2018

Everything you need to know about chemical peels

Chemical peels are a safe and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of the skin. There are many options available from superficial peels to deep peels using phenol. Learn more about what to expect.
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