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Skin Truths

checklist do you have sensitive skin – or is something else going on thoclor labs

Mar 30 2021

Checklist: Do you have sensitive skin – or is something else going on?

Do you ever wonder why your skin is so sensitive? Is it simply the way you were born? Sensitive skin can be caused by many different factors, in this blog we explore what may be triggering your symptoms.
why a skin microbiome matters and 5 ways to keep yours healthy thoclor labs

Feb 18 2021

Why a skin microbiome matters – and 5 ways to keep yours healthy

Did you know there is a diverse ecosystem of microorganisms living on your skin called the microbiome? Let’s take a look into how you can keep these microbes happy, healthy and balanced for a beautiful skin.
Why Sugar Is Bad News For Skin Ageing Thoclor Labs

Jan 26 2021

Why sugar is bad news for skin ageing (and 5 clever swaps)

We all know by now that too much sugar is bad news for our bodies. But did you know it’s also one of the biggest culprits for our skin ageing prematurely? Let’s delve a little deeper into how sugar is processed, how damage happens and how you can still get your sweet fix in a healthy way.
10 Ideas For A Safer Sun Smart Summer Thoclor Labs

Dec 7 2020

10 ideas for a safer, sun-smart summer

After a year when we’ve been mostly cooped up inside, the idea of fun in the sun feels like total bliss. While we are all for enjoying “Vitamin Sea” and soaking up the feel-good Vitamin D, we have to stay mindful of the damage the sun can do to our skin. Read our top 10 tips to stay safe in the sun this summer.
How Well Do You Know Your Acne Facts Thoclor Labs

Nov 11 2020

How well do you know your acne facts?

Acne is a misery that affects all ages – not just teenagers. With so many differing opinions on the best treatment methods, it can be confusing to separate fact from fiction. We’ve put together some expert opinions from our scientists to help you be better informed about this common inflammatory disease.
How to pick the right cleanser for your skin Thoclor Labs

Oct 16 2020

Is your cleanser right for your skin? Understand the basics to choose well

Choosing the correct cleanser is important for healthy skin. Cleansers help us to ‘take off the day’ by removing oil, dirt and make-up. Understand the basics of what to look for in your facial cleanser with our expert tips and get the best results for your skin type & condition.
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