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Skin Truths

preserving the skins acid mantle Thoclor Labs

Aug 2 2022

Preserving the acid mantle of the skin

The skin’s pH is an essential factor in maintaining vital skin barrier function. We know that this barrier function in alkaline skin is often faulty leading to various cutaneous diseases as a result. Learn why selecting skincare products that support the natural acid mantle is vital for healthy skin.
the science of dry skin and how to remedy it Thoclor Labs

Jul 1 2022

The science of your dry skin and how to remedy it

Our skin is the moisture barrier to the outside world and serves as our protector from changing weather conditions. There are multiple factors that contribute to a loss of moisture in our skins, especially during dry winter months. We offer some suggestions on how to deal with this.
skincare challenges for ethnic skin thoclor labs

Jun 6 2022

Skincare challenges for ethnic skin

For people with ethnic skin it is particularly important to stay educated about the ingredients used in skin care products, and how these might detrimentally impact your skin. Learn more about the specific challenges skin of colour may face.
individual skin factors thoclor labs

Apr 22 2022

Individual skin factors

Before investing in skincare it is essential to understand your skin so that you can choose the most suitable products. We unpack several basic skincare topics to guide you on your skincare journey.
Understanding the Lipid Barrier Thoclor Labs

Apr 1 2022

Understanding the lipid barrier

If your lipid barrier is functioning properly your skin will be smooth, plump & healthy. Learn more about the signs of a compromised barrier, what causes this & what you can do to restore it.
hocl alchemy from thoclor labs

Mar 28 2022

The alchemy of Thoclor Labs’ hypochlorous acid

Learn more about how the hypochlorous acid from Thoclor Labs is unique, and why you need to add this game-changing ingredient to your skincare routine.