The Scientific Treatment to Naturally Get Rid of Acne

  • Easy to use, slots effortlessly into any existing skincare routine

  • See results quickly to restore your confidence

  • Results in a skin you can be proud of - say goodbye to pimple jokes

  • A natural product with no side effects so no extra worry for you!

Acne is quickly improved with GF2 from Thoclor Labs


20 years old

"I have used GF2 for 4 weeks and within 48 hours it started to clear up my acne. I use it twice a day."

Simple & Powerful!

Spray on a clean face twice a day. 


15 years old

"I really feel it has helped my skin, especially with pimples (it really helped to use it once I've washed my face after exercise, and then apply it, I found this worked best, to prevent pimples). My skin is much clearer now! Great product."

So, how to say goodbye to that acne today?

We are hardcore scientists at Thoclor Labs, and we developed our formulation to naturally heal burns on the skin. We designed a method that takes the natural chemical that heals any type of skin injury and amplified that. And we succeeded - now just imagine what this will do for those spots.

Our amazing GF2 helps reverse acne, like this:

  • Destroys germs

    The HOCl super-power in our product kills that pesky C. acnes that is causing all the misery.

  • Removes dead skin cells

    This reduces the chance that those oil glands get blocked by dead skin cells in the first place, minimising further break-outs.

  • Reboots the skin's function

    That extra oil that the skin has been making is brought back in line, again helping to keep those follicles & glands clear. 

  • Reduces inflammation

    Our amazing molecule calms down any inflammation in the skin. We now know inflammation is one of the things that is actually causing this misery (i.e. acne) so getting rid of this on the skin helps to prevent more pimples from turning up. 

  • Stops redness & pain

    You already know that acne is red and painful and ugly. Once you start using GF2 the redness goes away and so does the pain. Win!

Restore confidence with our GF2 to tackle acne and breakouts quickly and effectively - Thoclor Labs

Say BYE-BYE to acne today!

Get the skin you deserve and
say HELLO to confidence

Cystic acne or very deep acne will need to be combined with a TCA peel for the best results. We recommend 3 medium peels 2 weeks apart with a trained skincare professional or therapist. Combine this treatment with our GF1 Aftercare product for healing. In cystic acne, the glands are blocked at a very deep level and so need to be unblocked first for the best results.

Once the course of peels has been completed, and the skin has fully healed and recovered, switch to our GF2 product. Continue to use GF2 twice a day, every day, for maintenance. This will ensure the epithelium does not thicken again and will prevent the glands from getting blocked again. GF2 will also control the C. acnes bacteria.

For even better results...

  • Combine with a liquid cleanser

    Ditch that bar of soap for a liquid cleanser with a slightly acidic pH. This will make sure the pH on the skin is where it should be (trust us, it helps).

  • Stick to a healthy diet as much as you can

    Moderation is key right? So cut down on high-sugar foods, dairy, high-fat foods, smoking and alcohol. 

  • Be gentle with the skin

    Yeah we know it's tempting to pick, squeeze or scrub that pesky break-out. But rubbing and scrubbing will make things worse - our advice is to leave those pimples alone and let our miracle mist do the work to get rid of them. 

And finally, the science bit - what is causing that acne?

  • An increase in the amount of dead skin cells

    This causes the oil glands to get blocked. This builds up and becomes infected with a bacteria called C. acnes. This causes what we call a pimple. GF2 will stop the extra dead skin cells so you can avoid this first problem. 

  • An increase in the amount of oil made by the face

    Hormonal changes (normally in puberty, around pregnancy or just before menstruation) causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to make more sebum. In teenage boys, this sebum is thicker due to extra testosterone which can make things even worse. The hair follicle connected to the sebaceous gland gets blocked with this oil, trapping bacteria, causing pimples and breakouts. Our GF2 calms those oil glands down and gets them behaving normally.

  • More inflammation means more acne

    As we mentioned, it seems that inflammation causes more acne, rather than the acne-causing the inflammation (which is what the boffins thought before).  That pesky C. acnes also seems to like hanging out with inflammation and makes the overall situation worse. Luckily GF2 is not a fan of inflammation and sends it packing while it deals with any infection and bacteria. 

Stage 1 of a pimple - Thoclor Labs

A Healthy Follicle

Stage 2 of a pimple - Thoclor Labs

Gland blocked

Oil (sebum) starts to accumulate

Stage 3 of a pimple - Thoclor Labs

Infection sets in

C. acnes causes a pimple

Stage 4 of a pimple - Thoclor Labs

Follicle ruptures

A fluid-filled pustule results

Ready to break up
with that acne?

See results in days!

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At Thoclor Labs we believe everyone deserves dignity. Since October 2018 we have partnered with Subz Padz to sponsor their Project Dignity - helping girls not to miss school because they can't afford sanitary wear.
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