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Offer the skin-changing effects of our medical-grade Hypochlorous acid in your salon by stocking the Thoclor Labs GF Skin Series. 

How Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) works

Hypochlorous acid forms part of your body’s immune system. Made in our white blood cells, it’s often referred to as our immune molecule. Hypochlorous acid has several powerful attributes:

  1. Anti-pathogenic: killing nasty microbes on the skin which helps to reduce the risk of infection while leaving the good guys alone, making it microbiome friendly.
  2. Stimulates healing and quickly reduces redness and inflammation in the skin.
  3. Corrects damaged cells, specifically where the DNA has been compromised.

In the industry there are 3 main ways of making Hypochlorous acid, namely

  1. The acidification of bleach usually by adding boric acid, hydrochloric acid or carbon dioxide. This results in an unstable and toxic solution with limited Hypochlorous acid. Dakin’s Solution is an example of this method.
  2. The most common method is through the electrolysis of salt or saline. This results in a higher concentration of Hypochlorous acid which is unstable and has high concentrations of sodium and other toxic disinfection by-products. This process results in a solution called Anolyte.
  3. We use a proprietary method, developed by Thoclor Labs, which uses no salt and results in high and stable concentrations of Hypochlorous acid with very limited toxicity. This is presented in a purified water solution.

The only active ingredient in the Thoclor Labs Skin Series range is Hypochlorous acid.

Because the products in our GF Skin Series are unique and quite new to the market we rely on skincare professionals such as yourselves to guide and educate the public on the benefits of these two skincare products.

Who can apply to become a stockist?

Anyone who owns or runs a skincare salon, spa or aesthetic clinic can apply to be a stockist. Each application is reviewed by us with a telephone call to you.

Our cosmetic products

GF1 Aftercare

GF1 Aftercare is used with aesthetic skin treatments like micro-needling (Dermapen), laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, acid-induced skin peels and waxing. Used before the procedure, it disinfects the skin. Used post-procedure, GF1 ensures organised collagen formation while minimising inflammation, pain and redness – helping the skin to quickly heal after the treatment.
The risk of complications due to infection is also significantly reduced.

Available sizes:

  1. GF1 Aftercare 50ml: for clients to take home, normally enough for 6 rounds of treatment.
  2. GF1 Aftercare PRO 500ml: for use within the salon or aesthetic practice.

How to use
Spray GF1 onto clean skin before any invasive treatment begins. This will ensure any pathogens on the face are eliminated before the treatment. The skin does not have to dry before the treatment begins. GF1 can also be used during the treatment as a slip or glide. Once the treatment is finished follow these guidelines to speed up the healing process, prevent infection and reduce inflammation:

  • Clean the skin of any products or serums used during the procedure with a gentle cleanser and pat dry.
  • Mist GF1 Aftercare onto the entire treated area until the skin is damp, and allow to air dry / absorb completely. A slight stinging or a feeling of tightness may occur for the first day of use.
  • The client should then continue to apply GF1 Aftercare to the face or the treated area once every 30 minutes for the rest of the day of the treatment.
  • If the skin is still red or sore the following day, apply GF1 every few hours.

We suggest the use of other cosmetic products is suspended while the skin is healing and that only GF1 Aftercare is used to support this process. We also recommend that you avoid sun exposure for two weeks after treatment.

I simply love the advanced skin aftercare treatments from Thoclor Labs. The GF1 Aftercare helps to minimise the risk of infection and quickly heals damaged skin after invasive aesthetic treatments.

Dr Anjana Bhana

I am very impressed with the healing. I have done this procedure multiple times before, and it's by far the fastest I have ever healed, and the most comfortable.

Lourette (Dermology Sandton)

On using GF1 after laser resurfacing

I used GF1 Aftercare post-Plexr on this client and I can really see a huge difference in the healing process! I've been using Plexr for more than 3 years and this really is the best aftercare product. 

Christine (Skinstitute SA)

GF2 Skin Rejuvenation

The primary cause of premature skin ageing is subclinical inflammation, also known as inflammageing. Several years ago, Stanford University in California examined the impact of environmental factors on the ageing of the skin. These included things like excess sun, pollution, certain ingredients in skin products and lifestyle habits such as smoking.

They found that when the skin was exposed to these environmental situations, two disease forming genes called Nuclear factor Kapa Beta genes were triggered. The primary result of this was twofold: low-grade inflammation of the skin and secondly an overstimulation of new skin cell formation (often with DNA compromised cells). If left unchecked, this could eventually lead to other skin complications.

The summary of these two issues was an increased ageing of the skin and that is where the term was “inflammageing” was born.

When Hypochlorous acid was applied and skin was exposed to the same environmental factors, the study found:

  • The disease forming genes were ‘switched off’. This meant no inflammation.
  • The overstimulation of new skin cells was normalised.
  • No DNA damage was detected in the new cells.

Thoclor Labs has perfected the process of making 100% stable and pure Hypochlorous acid outside of the human body. As the bedrock for any skin care routine, it promises not only enhanced results of any products currently used but also ensures the ageing of skin caused by environmental factors is slowed down.

GF2 is ideal for

  • True rejuvenation with continuous use: GF2 stimulates a reversal of environmental damage on the skin.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect: GF2 has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and cold sores.
  • Anti-inflammatory action: very effective for relieving sunburn.

GF2 is safe to use on all skin types, for pregnant and lactating moms and benefits youthful as well as older skin.

How to use GF2

GF2 must be applied immediately after cleaning and drying the skin. As a minimum, apply the product in the morning and again at night before bed. Hold the bottle approximately 15cm from the face and spray GF2 onto the face, neck, decolletage and around the eyes until the skin is moist (about 8-10 pumps). Allow skin to dry naturally (do not rub in or wipe off).

Available sizes:

  • GF2 Skin Rejuvenation 100ml: if used as suggested, a 100 ml bottle will last for 4-6 weeks

My skin was severely dehydrated and dull. I have been using the product now for almost 3 weeks, and the difference is amazing.


I absolutely recommend and love GF2. I was suffering from skin redness, oiliness and sensitivity and my beauty therapist sold me a bottle. I don't go a day without it! You cant go wrong, it's for all skin types.


I recommend the GF2 100%!!!!!! I started using this product just over a 3 month ago and my skin hasn't felt so good. 


How to apply to become a stockist

  1. Start by completing the enquiry form below.
  2. We will then contact you to better understand your business.
  3. Free training is then booked for yourself and your therapists at a time convenient to you. Training is offered via video call and will take approximately 1 hour.
  4. We then register a partner account for you on our website, after which you can go ahead and place your first order.
  5. The products are then sent to you via courier. You will receive the shipment anything from 24 to 96 hours later (it depends when you order and where you are located).
  6. There is no minimum order quantity, although if you order full cases of the retail products (24 units) the discount is slightly better and we will deliver free of charge.


We offer trade discounts on the resale of GF1 Aftercare 50ml and GF2 Skin Rejuvenation products. Details are shared on application. The GF1 Aftercare PRO is for use in the salon and not intended for resale.

Terms & Conditions

  • Stockists must go through the training process before we approve the account.
  • There is no minimum order.
  • Payment must be made in advance initially. Other arrangements can be discussed after 6 months of regular orders.

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