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Ageing well: beauty industry experts share advice for your best skin ever

We are all born with perfect skin but how we treat it from birth will determine how it looks later in life. That’s why there isn’t really such a thing as ‘anti-ageing’, only ageing well or doing your best to control the ageing and condition of your skin. 

We chatted to these GF2 fans – somatologist Nicola du Toit of Layers Skin Clinic and make-up artist and school owner, Alicia Buckle – to get their take on the best ways to age well, how to gain skin confidence, and how they incorporate our GF2 Skin Rejuvenation Miracle Mist into their daily and professional lives.


Nicola Du ToitI try hard to avoid the word anti-ageing because we cannot remove the chronological ageing process in our body. Skin ageing is summarised as the physiological deterioration process that happens due to the inexorable passage of time. In other words, this is when skin cells start to lose the ability to perform their functions properly. There will be a decrease in barrier function in the epidermis, along with a loss of skin support, elasticity and flexibility within the dermis.

This deterioration process starts from birth in your entire body – not just with your skin. While we have no way to change the passing of time, what I try to focus on as an aesthetician in my protocols and skincare programme is the prevention of damage happening in the first place, as well as the restoration of skin health.

I help my patients to age gracefully and I always aim to educate them with the tools to look after their skin in the most holistic manner possible. Here are a few of the tools and tips that I share with my patients:


  • Use fewer products but source better ingredients in your products. It is far more important to use the correct products at home than going for in-clinic treatments regularly.
  • Always restore your skin barrier. This is an important function in all skin types of all ages and is the primary cause of ageing. GF2 is my go-to product for all ethnic groups and all skin conditions. Without an intact barrier, you can not go for in-clinic skin treatments. You will do more harm than good.
  • The barrier is part of the ageing process. By correcting the barrier, you are correcting pigmentation, dryness, redness and firmness. I get these results with one product and an amazing ingredient – the Hypochlorous acid in GF2.
  • Wear sunscreen - EVERY day. When outdoors, reapply every two hours. My two favourite brands are the Heliocare 360 range and Mesoestetics. They cover indoor light and outdoor light.
  • Use a retinol every evening from the age of 30. Retinol derivatives in your 20s will be sufficient, but retinol 1,0 is needed by age 30. NB: if you use retinol, you MUST use sunscreen every day, otherwise rather don’t bother. It will cause more harm than good.
  • Use products with ingredients that are able to repair and restore DNA damage in the skin cells, such as GF2 Skin Rejuvenation and growth factor peptides. Choose products that focus on dermal changes in the skin.
  • Introduce collagen induction therapies (e.g. micro-needling, Fraxel laser) by the age of 30. Our collagen production slows down rapidly by this time so you need to start boosting collagen synthesis.


  • Go in the sun unprotected – always wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • Forget to apply sunscreen even when you stay indoors or if it’s a cloudy day.
  • Smoke – just quit!
  • Neglect your zzzz – get enough sleep.
  • Eat too much sugar – try to reduce or eliminate refined sugar from your diet.
  • Consume too much alcohol.
  • Eat too late in the day. Remember to eat the rainbow - diversity of abundance.

I love how GF2 boosts the skin’s ability to repair itself

I’ve seen remarkable results with patients who would have otherwise needed medical intervention. With GF2 slotted into their homecare routine, their skin showed a massive improvement without the use of cortisone.

I recommended GF2 to all my patients as a non-negotiable fundamental skincare product – either as a standalone or as an integrated skincare product. The GF1 Aftercare product has improved my patients’ results after collagen induction therapy and lessens the downtime, making it easier for them to commit to result-driven protocols.

Alicia Buckle Makeup Artist talks to Thoclor LabsI love the whole process of transforming someone’s look through make-up and hairstyling but of course, the end product looks so much better if it starts with good skin. I always tell clients that there is so much I can do with my make-up techniques: hide a double chin or ‘slim down’ your nose, use contouring on cheekbones, make your eyes pop, hide imperfections and much more. But the one thing the camera won’t hide or that I can’t ‘magic’ is the texture of your skin. If skin is dry and flaky, make-up won’t last for long or if a complexion isn’t glowing, it will show!

For that reason, I prepare clients a few weeks before a big event with various tips to get their skin in its best condition possible – and this letter now contains GF2 front and centre.

Step 1: A good skincare regime is a must. I recommend that clients use an enzyme exfoliation cleanser (with fruit-based acids like salicylic or lactic acid) to purify and refine skin texture, removing dead skin cells.

Step 2: After cleansing, I recommend that they use Thoclor Labs GF2 spray. It purifies and hydrates skin and calms any skin conditions you may suffer from, like dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema.

Step 3: Go for regular facials and, if possible, include a chemical peel or Dermapen treatment. Again, I’m blown away by the healing powers of GF1 Aftercare. It really speeds up recovery and boosts the effect of these treatments.

GF2 is the ideal prep for professional make-up

I always have GF2 in my make-up kit as it’s such a lifesaver of a product – so versatile! When I do make-up for a bridal party, photoshoot or special event, it’s a wonderful way to prep skin. Whatever skin ‘freakout’ a client might have – a bit of sunburn, some redness or a small imperfection like a pimple – GF2 calms, soothes and instantly seems to revitalise skin. On my own skin, I try to find products that heal and boost skin on a cellular level like GF2 does. It not only resets the ageing process over time but it’s also a great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic product.

Clients who suffer from things like psoriasis and eczema often have dry patches on their eyelids, which pulls at the eyelid, changing its shape and showing up in photos. Before an event, stress can also take its toll on skin – especially with hormones in the mix. That’s also where GF2 works extremely well to improve the skin’s barrier function.

At home I use GF2 on my own skin in the mornings and evenings after cleansing. I use it on my kids’ scrapes and cuts. I’ve also used it on my hubby’s eczema and it cleared up in just one night. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s amazing.

Try our GF2 Skin Rejuvenation – your skin’s Miracle Mist – today to get your best-ever skin. For any further questions regarding the skin rejuvenation effects of GF2, feel free to email us.

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