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Our Story

Thoclor Labs is a biotechnology company dedicated to introducing as many people as possible to the highest quality and purest form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) formulations.

Hypochlorous acid - or HOCl, when referring to its molecular formula - is still relatively unknown as an active skincare ingredient. At Thoclor Labs we prefer referring to it as 'The Miracle Molecule'. Not only because of its almost miraculous-like benefits for all skin types and an array of skin issues. But also because it is the human body's own immune molecule. Thoclor Labs has been able to blend the power of science with the miracle of nature to bring you our GF Skin Series.

We develop and produce the world's most advanced skin aftercare treatments and revolutionary skin rejuvenation products.

There are many solutions that claim to include HOCl. However, the vast majority are filled with contaminants and toxins which are not good for our health. Recent research shows Thoclor's hypochlorous acid solution is superior to all the other products tested*.

In 2009 Thoclor Labs began perfecting the process of making a 100% stable and pure immune molecule HOCl solution outside of the human body. In order to do this, we invented a proprietary manufacturing method which produces a medically pure solution that can remain stable outside of the body for two years.

Our unique method of production delivers a high quality, extremely safe solution that will greatly benefit the overall health, well-being and healing of your skin.

Read more about the benefits of The Miracle Molecule here. If you're interested in understanding more about Our Values then have a look at what Thoclor Labs and our GF Skin Series stand for.

Thoclor Labs (Pty) Ltd is committed to providing our customers with products. We are furthermore committed to maintaining the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and to ensuring that we comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions we sell. We are ISO 13485:2016 & GMP certified.

Our Founding Members

Our Founding Members


Hendrik ROOS

Co-Founder, Technical Director

Researcher and medically trained inventor of the proprietary hypochlorous acid solution used in our products. The original creator of Nimue.

Stuart Russell is co-founder of Thoclor Labs


Co-Founder, Managing Director

US-trained sales professional with 35 years global, executive experience in sales, marketing and managing multi-national businesses.

Catherine Russell at Thoclor Labs

Catherine RUSSELL

Head of Operations

Over 15 years' experience in IT, web development and customer support. Takes care of the back of house details and customer service.