Your body's own immune molecule HOCl...

Effectively treats burns, wounds & renews damaged skin


The Technology

Thoclor Labs has spent the last 8 years perfecting the process to make 100% pure immune molecule HOCl outside of the human body. HOCl is our own immune molecule that is formed by the human body & used to heal wounds. 


Our Products

The GF Skin Series developed by Thoclor Labs, and backed by extensive research, makes the quest for youthful healthy skin a reality. Combining rejuvenation with healing means that our products are proven to give you the best skin possible.


About Us

Thoclor Labs is a Biotechnology Company dedicated to blending the powers of medical science with the miracles of nature. We develop & produce the worlds most advanced skin aftercare treatments and skin rejuvenation products.

Latest on our Blog

Happy FIrst Birthday to Us!

Happy First Birthday to us and a Thank You to You!

At the end of an exciting, rewarding, amazing & challenging year we look back at what we have learnt and say a very big thank you to all of our supporters, friends and fans!
Does inflammation impact skin ageing Thoclor Labs

Does Inflammation Impact the Ageing of Your Skin?

Chronic low-grade inflammation is recognised as a significant contributor to the ageing of your skin, a phenomenon known as inflammageing. We look at ways you can counteract this.
Protect your Skins Microbiome Thoclor Labs

Looking After Your Skin’s Microbiome

The microbial balance on your skin has a key effect in anti-ageing & skin health, slowing down the ageing process whilst balancing & protecting your skin’s functions. We explore ways to support this process to achieve good skin health overall.
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